Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

“Forget about labeling your DVDs and CDs with a magic marker: a new generation of burners and media that use LightScribe and Labelflash software offer promising results.”

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  1. Maria Louise on

    Is there such a thing as a LabelFlash CD? I have the DVDs, I have the LightScribe CDs and DVDs, so, where can I obtain LabelFlash CDs?

  2. dpleake on

    I saw LabelFlash CD’s at Frye’s Electronics in Houston, Texas. They are manufactured by Fuji.

  3. godmudder on

    So, whats the deal, you can not use lightScribe dvd to make labels with labelflash? Oh!!! those people at the computer store.!!!!!!

  4. glenn on

    anybody had any experience with labelflash? Can you use lightscribe disc to burn a laelflash image?

    • Mike on


  5. David on

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio with LabelFlash drive and was told by Toshiba tech support only LabelFlash would work. And they are about $2.00 each at local Best Buy. Why can’t they make things that work with other products? I believe that Bill Gates got sued for that, they call it a Monopoly!

  6. Idetrorce on

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. thechessghost on

    I have a gateway laptop model #P6822 W/ labelflash. Lightscribe does not work on labelflash drives. The labelflash dvds burn really quick, but it is hard to find the cd’s…

  8. ken on

    I have a gateway fx7020 with a labelflash drive and an expansion bay. I would like to add a second drive but everything I find has lightscribe software. If I add the lightscribe drive will the two softwares fight each other or can I have both?

    • Mike on

      you can have both.

  9. robert on


    i have both drives on my gateway. i added the lightscribe because i had trouble finding the labelflash discs. the lightscribe logo shows in the labelprint menu and will work with no problem. I have windows vista OS and it picked it up and installed the driver right away.

    • twobeaglegirls on

      can you tell me how to add the lightscribe drive?

      • Mike on

        If you haven’t added a drive before I suggest you go to a store, like Best Buy, and buy the drive there and get their computer geeks to install it for you.

  10. javi on

    im looking for labelflash cds everywere but it seems that they don’t sell those those anyone know were can i get them

  11. Abe on

    I just had to return my lightscribe cds because I just found out after going through all the steps to label them, that the sales person @ Radio Shack was wrong, they aren’t compatible with LabelFlash. Also, just came back from Best Buy and they too don’t sell them yet, just the DVD ones. They said it’s still a new product.

  12. Steph on

    I just bought a new computer at Best Buy yesterday, and their salesman told me that lightscribe cd’s would work with my Labelflash software… I spent 3 hours trying to label a cd, and it turns out to be impossible! Now, I bought $50 worth of cd’s that do not work, and I can’t even return them. I hate Best Buy. Do yourselves a favor and do 100% research before you buy anything from them!

  13. b on

    herres the oficial website

  14. Scott K on

    I was having the same problem. I couldn’t find Labelflash CDs anywhere. So, I called Toshiba Direct and just got off the phone with them. There are no Labelflash CDs. Only DVDs by Fuji. My advice – buy a laptop or PC with Lightscribe.

    • Mike on

      I agree. Lightscribe disks are much more available, but be aware, you can use Lableflash DVDs to save files and music. DVDs are not just for movies or pictures. Hopefully cheaper Lableflash CDs will come out soon, but not yet. So if you have a Lableflash drive your only choice right now is Lableflash DVDs.

  15. Chuck on

    Just happened to me. Lightscribe disc would not work with my new labelflash after being told they would. Wasted an entire day and then went searching on line and found this site. Thanks…

  16. Mahez on

    I too have been frustrated trying to use Labelflash with on Lightscribe CDs and the truth is, they don’t work. Don’t listen to the guy in the store… Anyone know where to buy lightscribe software? thanks.

  17. Kimberly on

    Best Buy here in Bedford IN has them for around $16 for 10 CD’s. They say DVDr, but that ok, they hold music, pics, whatever you want on there.
    Check a best buy in your area.. they are sure to have them. I live in a small town and two places have lightscribe.. i never heard of it til’ today, searchin for labelflash CD’s. they DONT work! Dont waste your time.

  18. Kimberly on

    Check Radio Shack, they might have it.. they do here in my area, for lightscribe. look in the phone book (yellow pages) for Office Supply, Furniture, etc.. OFFICE and check out even the small time supply stores in your city.. you’d be surprised.

    Good Luck!

  19. Bummed on

    Office Depot has Labelflash DVD’s, but it is more expensive (Memorex $17.99 for 10 DVD-R). They don’t carry the CD’s for Labelflash. It is interesting that they sold me the Toshiba Laptop with the Labelflash and does not supply the CD’s for it.

  20. Disturbed on

    I just bought a Toshiba laptop at Best Buy with Labelflash drive only to find out that it is not compatable with the LIghtScribe media. I don’t have a significant problem with that, but I don’t appreciate that Best Buy never told me that this computer can’t use LightScribe (which seems to be a very common misconception). I can’t believe that Best Buy doesn’t have Labelflash CDs even though they sell computers with the drives. I called Toshiba, and they were no help. They told me only DVDs were available. I guess that’s fine if you want to play your DVD on a DVD player, but you won’t be able to play them in your car or regular CD players.

  21. Laura on

    I had the same problem Disturbed also with my Toshiba laptop, also with Best Buy. They told me Lightscribe CD’s would work just fine with Labelflash. Uh, no they don’t. Took me an hour to figure that out last night then I finally gave up. Of course this is the same store with employees that told me they don’t have rain checks, uh…yes they do. I’m thinking Best Buy needs to train their employees better or hire smarter ones.

  22. Paige on

    Word to the WISE.. Forget about the LabelFlash System. It SUCKS BIG TIME. Even if you get the garbage to work, after many laborous hours, the graphics are very, very cheezzy. Get a Lightscribe system instead. I have a Toshiba laptop as well that I recently purchased from Office Depot. They told me that the disk where interchangable but what a Freakin’ joke. Wasted $56.00. Beware. If anyone has any info regarding other software that would allow you to use your LabelFlash drive (using photos as backgrounds) pls email or reply to the forum…THanks “)

  23. jose on

    do you know if lightscribe cds can be burned with a labelflash dvd/cd burner? or if exists a burning software that does that?
    i have a gateway laptop w/ labelflash

  24. Maxx on

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else here, though you seem to have worked your situation out. I have a new Gateway EMachine with Vista and Label Flash. I have CyberLink software which, apparently, would use the Light Scribe, if I had it.
    Please excuse my ignorance here, but do I need to get a different drive for the Light Scribe or do I need to get a software program? And where do I get that?
    Light Scribe disks are available here but I haven’t found the Label Flash disks. I really would rather NOT go to Best Buy.

  25. Joe A. Shotwell, Eldorado, Texas on

    My first thought here is to tell everybody ‘DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY” if you can help it. Not only are they NOT knowledgable about the products they sell – THEY DON’T SUPPORT the products, unless you buy a repair service pack from them!!

    As for lableflash, I recently bought a GATEWAY laptop with LabelFlash from Best Buy! The instructions that I have for use of the program states that you can use your “own photos” to imprint a background on the disk! Like everyone else, I haven’t been able to buy the disks, so I haven’t had a chance to try out this feature!

    Presently, I use ‘EPSON Print CD” and an EPSON printer to print my DVD’s – haven’t gotten around to printing to CD’s yet.

  26. Martini on

    I was frustrated also at first to have labelflash but the quality is much better than lightscribe. You still can find the discs cheaply searching google shopping after shipping for packs of 10 for 32 bucks. You can use your own photos and it looks really proffessional when using Nero.

  27. Wills on

    Office Depot is the only place I have found them. A pack of 10 cost $17.00. I have been looking at them more than 6 months and they never go on sale. Must not be a high demand for the product, that should tell you something. I think labelflash will go to the wastelands like beta and hd dvd. Go light scribe…. if you need to label your media that way.

  28. michael on

    After reading all these comments, I feel a little silly having spent all that time trying to put a label on a LightScribe disc with my labelflash software. OK, so now I look for the right kind of discs. One point I would like to make is first, I am not defending Best Buy, but that is their name. It is not Best Service, or Best Product Knowledge, it is Best Buy. Once l learned that I have been much happier with my encounters there,

  29. BestBuy Guy on

    Read the instructions first. LabelFlash is cool but the software to do any burning SUCKS! Sometimes I burn the image on the disc and it looks FLAWLESS in the software – but when the disk pops out the image is all jacked up. Turning white areas to black and exposing the boarders of all my images. Booooo! Im using Epson PrintCD now and it actually – WORKS. Dont trust your money on any of these gimmick products.

  30. LibGeek on

    People you really need to get a clue! Why is it any store’s fault that you apparently can’t be bothered to do a little research or, God forbid, read the manual and/or instructions. Labelflash and Lightscribe are NOT compatible and Labelflash clearly states that is only works with DVDs and they are currently working on CD compatibility. You CANNOT use your own photos with Labelflash, again in the manual, because it only prints blue-hued images. Again, they are working on other colors and the ability to print photos.

  31. Queen of Dallas on

    Yes, we just bought a Toshiba with Label Flash, went to Best Buy and the salesman from GEEK SQUAD said light scribe CD’s WOULD work on the label flash, came home to find out its a WAISTE…. NO they do not work. And they didn’t even have label flash CD’s on stock, only DVD-R.

  32. Carla on

    I agree very much people should research a particular product first before making a commitment to buying. I have used both labelflash and lightscribe. I like them both. I actually use Roxio Creator 9 XE for labeling on both labelflash and lightscribe. You just have to choose on the print options page if it is a labelflash or lightscribe media you are burning too. I have also used my personal photos as backgrounds on both and have great results. I just wish there was more colors for labelflash than blue, but what can you do…

  33. Brenda on

    I bought a Gateway computer with a Labelflash writer at Best Buy. I also found out they do not carry the DVD’s that it requires. I have looked at every best buy store I have passed from Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri no one has them. Some of the clerks had never heard of them.
    I did find the discs online, at a highly inflated price. I decided it would be cheaper to purchase an external LightScribe burner. The money I save on DVD”s will pay for the burner in the long run.

  34. michael on

    Ok, I am looking for recommendations here. I have about 80 albums that I am going to convert to CD. I have a Toshiba with labelflash and I know I can order labelflash DVDs but the cost is a bit high. I want one album per CD and plan to make two copies. I just want them labeled, just writing, no pictures. Not excited about using a sharpie on the discs, what would you recommend? If I have to buy somekind of external device, for that kind of quantity it would probably be worth it. What say you?

  35. michael on

    I forgot to ask, how long would it take print the album title on a lightscribe disc? No art, just the title and band.

  36. Hasan72 on

    hey everyone i just got a toshiba as well but online not at Best Buy.. Label flash discs are available at office depot $17.99 for a 10 pack… all 20 that ive burnt the pics and designs look awesom. Yeah i;m sad they don’t make the labelflash cd-r’s but oh well im sure they will soon enuff …….The “ulead dvd movie factory” software that came on my toshiba works great with labelflash its simple and easy, average of about 6 mins a disc…..

  37. Scott on

    I have seen lots of complaints about no LabelFlash CD-Rs. I would not bank on CDs for too much longer. I would expect them to go the rout e of vinyl in the coming years. Still looking for a local source on the DVDs.

  38. maxell on

    Please no more comments about Best Buy,just reading this the name make me sick,They are the most useless idiots ever and if you want to buy anything from the store make sure you have done some research about the products you wish to buy

  39. heavyweight on

    damn. labelflash is a joke. I got burned to ya’ll. I should have checked it out. Don’t laugh, I bought an emachines computer from tigerdirect. com with labelflash. The guy at Office Max told me that lightscribe cds were the same. They got me on one pack, but im taking the other unopened pack back. Been on the net too looking for labelflash cds, to no avail. Let’s get smart consumers and take back our lives. Its our money, we gotta bargain shop and explore b4 we put our money up. The person behind the counter don’t no jack, they just work there. Think about it, they just want a sale, you know how sales people are.

  40. Bite MeMaxell on

    I just want to say as a former Best Buy employee who worked there to put myself through law school I get a little tired of comments from douchebags like “maxell” (there’s an original handle) who make ad hoc generalizations like “most useless idiots ever”. If you’re interested in the technology you should take a little time to research what it is you’re getting into and what it will or will not do. Although the store employee should not be giving out bad advice regarding the compatibility of lightscribe and labelflash techonology the customer still has a responsibility to do a little homework before plunking down his hard earned bucks.

  41. spikell on

    As for Best Buy giving out bad info..most people assume that they know what there doing …..i just had arguement with them myself i want to go there with a lightscibe disk and have them shom me how it work’s seeing that they insist that it will.. and the problem is in my computer…just drop it off here will fix it…it’s just another store where the employe’s don’t know jack about what there selling…

  42. BB on

    Best Buy is not the only store with idoits, I too have a gateway with labelflash. I went to walmart looking for cds and was sold lightscribe disk. I even called gateway to ask if there was a difference between the wto brands and was tolf I could use lightscribe cds withe the labelflash program. Needless to say I learned the expensive way. I think the Labelflash program is a ripe-off. One last question. Can you burn music onto a dvd and will it play in a cd player??

  43. PeteJ on

    Wow, people. This is not hard.

    LIGHTSCRIBE AND LABELFLASH ARE INCOMPATIBLE. You can’t use a LightScribe disc in a LabelFlash drive, or vice versa.

    LightScribe has a much larger share of the market, they offer DVD and CD formats in multiple colors, and the media is much cheaper- however, be aware that they fade when exposed to sunlight. Don’t expect to use a Lightscribe label for archival purposes.
    — More at

    LabelFlash is technically the superior of the two products, but they only offer expensive DVD media and the drives themselves are only shipped in Toshiba, Gateway, and eMachines PCs (good luck buying an OEM drive). The “label” is printed beneath the surface of the disc, so it’s more durable- but it’s also only available in blue. Toshiba seems to have abandoned the format.
    — More at

  44. bren on

    If you have LabelFlash let me know what the images are supposed to look like. I purchased a Gateway computer with LabelFlash last year from a Best Buy store and purchased the discs from their website. I tried to burn some pictures on the disc and they came out very faint. I wasted about 4 discs trying to get the images darker. When I called Gateway for help they told me that they could not help me. Geek Squad won’t help me because they say that it is a Gateway problem. I do not know what to do. The one year warranty is about to expire. Please help.

  45. PeteJ on

    LabelFlash looks really nice, very high contrast out of my LG drive. I’m using SureThing’s label printing software ( It’s not free, but worth the modest price- and there’s a two-week trial.

  46. PeteJ on

    I should also mention that the label burning software seems to have a “under the hood” configuration option to set the contrast, but it’s not usually exposed to the user. Only CyberLink’s LabelPrint seems to allow that to be changed. SureThing’s contrast seems to be cranked up to the max. You may also want to make sure that the image you’re printing to the disc is high contrast (a washed-out photo will look terrible no matter what you do).

  47. DEICIDE77 on

    I too got fucked by best buy. I burn tons of CD’s for personal use and my brother’s band. I did my homework on the CPU I wanted but didn’t know the difference between lightscribe and labelflash. The employee gave me a bottom line that they were both compatible but labelflash was superior because it was faster and sharper. I came to find out this guy as well as everyone else at best buy has their heads way too far up their ass. Way to mislead everyone. I will never buy anything from those ass wipes again. At least know the basics about the products you sell and if you don’t know than say so. I could have gone home and found out on my own. Fuckin jackasses!!!

  48. Sam on

    Lightscribe does not work with labelflash. Period. End of story. If you will go to Fuji’s website, you will be able to buy 100 labelflash DVD’s for 44 dollars. Only 44 cents a piece. So quit crying about the price. You just need to show initiative and look for yourself. You buy retail, and you have mark up to deal with.

  49. TheLearner on

    “Lightscribe” is a HP licensed product! It will not work on anything but an HP (there are a few Compaq it works on ) pc without ‘crack’ mods. HP are the only licensed burners set up to work with this software! Does no one ever read the specs for the pc/laptop they are buying?
    Here’s a few questions for you:
    What does RAM mean?
    What SATO mean?
    What does OS mean?
    Gates didn’t cause a monopoly on software. You can’t have a frickin’ monopoly on software.
    Get a CLUE!
    Stop tyring to shove software where it doesn’t belong and your
    computers will stop crashing and work right!!!!!!

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