Ten of the Biggest Mistakes Developers Make With Databases

Although fashions come and go in software development, some things stay remarkably constant. One of these is the use of databases…

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Windows XP: Command-line reference

All the comands you’ll ever need in Windows XP, explained.

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Labelflash vs LightScribe DVD/CD Labeling

“Forget about labeling your DVDs and CDs with a magic marker: a new generation of burners and media that use LightScribe and Labelflash software offer promising results.”

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AJAX Design Patterns

In this tutorial we describe how to build a modularized architecture to create complex AJAX Applications. Unlike most of the AJAX tutorials we focus on the design and implementation of a whole application and not on the low level details.

Link: AJAX Design Patterns.

RailsConf 2006, RubyOn Rails Conference

This is the blog of the first official International Rails Conference:


Google Trogdor Web Editor

“Google has a project codenamed trogdor, an ajax webpage editor for creating web pages. = geocities except with a javascript page creator.”

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CSS Inspiration resources

The question of finding good 3 column layouts comes up in the mail list from time to time. Here are some that I have found, along with a few notations about what features they include and how they work. The judgment of “good” is left to you and your needs. Each offers interesting techniques for the CSS student.

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HOW TO: Speed Read!

Learn the techniques to read anything faster!

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JavaScript and CSS to display images

Nice piece of JavaScript and CSS to display a picture in response to a click on a thumbnail. More attractive than just popping up a window or loading the picture raw in the browser. Instead the whole page is shaded down and the image is loaded in the center of the page.

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AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup

Find the geographic location of an IP address using geoip data and google maps.

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